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Avi Dresner is an independent personal trainer, workplace wellness, and fitness consultant with thriving practices in Manhattan and the Berkshires, where he lives with his wife in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University, and his Master’s from the City College of New York.

He is the owner and operator of Avi Dresner Personal Training, and Well@Work, a workplace wellness provider to businesses of all sizes. His private clients have included New York Mets legend and Seinfeld personality, Keith Hernandez; 20-20 host and best-selling author, John Stossel; and actor and cultural icon, Leonard Nimoy. His corporate and community clients have included Interprint, Inc., Greylock Federal Credit Union, Legacy Bank Corp., and Berkshire South Regional Community Center.

He is certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise, and as a Health Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine, of which he is also an Alliance Member. In addition, he has been certified by the American Institute of Fitness Educators in Older Adult Fitness, and is a member of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion.

Avi has over 17 years of international experience working in Health, Fitness, and Wellness as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, community recreation center manager, consultant, presenter, and journalist.

His work as a personal trainer and workplace wellness consultant has been featured in The Berkshire Eagle, Health Quarterly, The Berkshire Business News, The Berkshire Business & Community Guide, and McCall’s Magazine. He has also written extensively on Health, Fitness, Wellness, and other topics for local, regional, and national publications, and currently writes a regular Workplace Wellness column for The Berkshire Business News.

Avi also served as an 81 mm. Mortar Specialist in the Israel Defense Force, where he got his first radio experience – and quite a workout – carrying a 50 lb. portable one on his back.

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